Homecare Solutions – Review of the Duro-18 Standard Wheelchair

Duro-Med Industries is a recognized industry leader that services the home healthcare market with a variety of affordable in-home products. They have built a solid reputation as a reliable manufacturer of home health equipment. With a 35-year history and a range of homecare solution products to their credit, Dura-Med has become a pioneer in providing durable, long-lasting medical equipment. Together with their joint venture partners, MABIS Healthcare, Dura-Med is poised to become an industry leader of durable medical equipment to the healthcare industry. The variety of home health products that MABIS-DMI offers is competitively priced and long-lasting. Dura-Med’s reputation of quality, reliable products in the healthcare market makes it a perfect choice for home health assistance.

The Duro-Med transport wheelchair line includes several different types of manual standing wheelchairs to choose from. Specifically, the Duro-18 Standard wheelchair boasts several attractive features that provide excellent reliability and is a perfect homecare solution for individuals with limited mobility. Retailing for less than $200, its product features include removable desk arms, swing-away foot rests, 8″ front mad-style wheels, and 24″ rear mag composite-style wheels with snap-on tires for seamless transportation. The chip resistant chrome-plated, carbon steel frame makes it easy to clean and its “push to lock” brakes add safety and security while the padded armrests and embossed vinyl upholstery contribute to its comfort. This wheelchair comes in the standard silver and black color and its dimensions are 43 x 26 x 36 inches, making it ideal for storage and transportation.

The pros of the Duro-18 Standard wheelchair are its excellent reliability, lightweight interchangeable foot plates and strong frame, making it an excellent choice for professional or individual homecare use. It’s affordable price tag and appealing features makes it an easy solution for manual transportation.